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This page provides updates on the running/field accomplishments of our athletes who have graduated from Cherokee High School. Please send additional Alumni information to Coach Shaklee.


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Summer and Cross Country, 2020
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Summer and Cross Country, 2020

The Summer and Fall of 2020, the year of the Coronavirus and its devastating affect on the nation . . . and, no small thing for us, its devastating affect on the Cross Country season! Supposedly, there's a "light at the end of the tunnel" but those of us old enough, heard that one before! But we muddle on . . . !

All Cross Country teams are in a state of flux, some with no Fall programs, some with modified programs but all "waiting for the next shoe to drop!" For those who are training and occasionally racing, testing goes on and everyone hopes that no positive results turn-up. Early on, however, TCNJ canceled their Fall sports and left three of our Alums wondering what's next; and The Big Sky Conference with NAU postponed all Fall sports until the Spring! Really?! The rest seem to be going day-by-day!

-- On September 12, 2020, Alum Ethan Wechsler '19 competed in the Syracuse - USMA Dual Meet near West Point at the "Twin Ponds on the Farm" facility in Montgomery, NY. Ethan finished 15th overall while clocking a decent 23:38.2 (5:05 pace) on the 7.5K course! Ethan told Coach Shaklee that he was the second true Freshman (discounting "redshirt Freshmen") and that his training is coming along well! He's also fairly confident about the "very low" number of positive virus cases on campus, his three-times-a-week virus testing, and the overall cautious attitude on campus. Race details at: Direct Athletics. Pictures by John Nepolitan, Dyestat.

Ethan Wechsler at Army v Syracuse Ethan Wechsler at Army v Syracuse

-- On September 13, 2020, Alum Marc Pelerin '02 traveled to Vineland, NJ for the Running THE AVE 5K and finished 9th overall (2nd in his venerable age group) in 17:36 (5:41 pace). Results at: Run Signup.

-- On September 25, 2020, Alum Ethan Wechsler '19 competed in the virus-depleated Coast-to-Coast Battle in Beantown at the Coogan Cross Country Course in Attleboro, MA. With Syracuse racing against only USMA and Boston College, the team took 1st. Ethan finished the 8K course in 26.13.6 (5:17 pace) taking 20th overall/13th among Syracuse runners. For the record, this was Syracuse's 4th consecutive win at Beantown. Also, in previous years without the virus threat, more than 20 teams competed in the event. Results at: TFRRS.

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