~ Cherokee Track & Field Records ~

While athletes from Cherokee High School have competed in Track & Field since 1975, the running records changed significantly since 2000! Indeed, except for the 400IH (individual and relay), all of the running records, including both individual and relay events, were matched or beaten! On the other hand, only three of the seven individual field records, and two of the seven relay field events, changed in the post-2000 era!

All of these athletes are part of a long-standing tradition of excellence established by Cherokee athletes, as the following lists demonstrate:

Cherokee Track & Field School Records: View Spring Track Records Spreadsheet

800m: All performances under 2:00: View 800m Spreadsheet, updated February, 2019

1600m: All performances under 4:30: View 1600m Spreadsheet, updated February, 2019

3200m: All performances under 10:00: View 3200m Spreadsheet, updated February, 2019

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