Cherokee Boys Cross Country Team Roster, 2003

Team Captains

The Captains for the 2003 team are Seniors Nick Freeman and Kevin Cuneo. The picture below shows Kevin (left) and Nick (right) leading a practice group last year.

Cuneo and Freeman lead the way

Other Seniors this year include Jason Becker, Eric Sczepanski and Brett Wintermute.

The Junior ranks are represented by Steve Brown, Mike Candy, Matt Dolan, James Maneval, Paul McFadden, Sean McLaughlin, Ian Mitchell, Jeff Mullen, Matt Raychert and Tom Yersak.

The Sophomores include Will Andes, Casey Bordash, Greg Bredeck, Mike Brown, Vinny Marziano and Rich Nelson.

The Freshmen include Don Bosworth, Joe Foley, Nick Forrester, Brandon Smith and Zack Viggiano

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