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The Season Continues!

Eastern States Championships: On October 16th, the team competed in the Eastern States Championships at the venerable Van Cortlandt Park in New York City. Still weakened by a number of injuries, Coach Shaklee juggled the roster and ran two teams. In the Varsity A, Championship race, the team, led by Tom Yersak in 11th place (13:08), took second (140) behind a very strong CBA (54). Only 34 seconds separated the five runners. In the JV race, led by Rich Nelson in 3rd place ((13:51), the squad also finished 2nd behind CBA, but this time by a much closer margin (4 - 60). Full results at: Armory Track

JV start Alex Yersak and Steve Brown Alex Yersak Rich Nelson and James Maneval Colin Cunningham
Matt Applegate Mike Brown Varsity start Matt Dolan Tom Yersak
Greg Bredeck Paul McFadden Vin Marziano Sean McLaughlin Will Andes

Springfield 5K Roadrace: While the team continues to race and train for the upcoming "championship season," Coach Shaklee is "practicing what he preaches." On October 17, 2004, he and his wife, Cricket Batz Shaklee, ran the Springfield 5K against some strong competition, including Kenyans Julius Kiptoo and Kenneth Maiyo. The coach finished 2nd in his age group (8th overall), while Cricket took 1st in her age group (18th overall; third woman)!

Coach about 400m from finish line Cricket about 400m from finish line The two just after finishing The mayor pictured with the top male Masters runners The top female Masters runners

South Jersey Frosh-Soph CC Meet: On October 18th, the Freshmen and Sophomores competed in the SJ Frosh-Soph Meet at Delsea. The Freshmen, led by Brenden Burke in 23rd place (11:34), ran a new two-mile course, while the Sophomore duo of Mike Medvec (19:00) and Joe Foley (19:22) ran season PR's on the regular Varsity 5K course. Complete results (temporarily) on SJTCA

Kevin Schickling Brenden Burke Kyle Adams Steve McCarroll Alex Mitchell
Darius Reid Tyler McAdam Liam Eells Mike Medvec Joe Foley

Burlington County Open: On October 22nd, the entire team competed in the Burlington County Open at Mill Creek (formerly "Goose Crap Park"). With three prominent members of the team working their way back from injuries (Sean McLaughlin, James Maneval and Mike Candy), the team looked especially strong against their County rivals. In the Varsity race, Tom Yersak, posting a 16:27, piloted a solid five-man pack separated by only 27 seconds. There were several PR's, but just looking at the improvement from last year is telling: Yersak dropped 21 seconds; Bredeck - 19; McLaughlin - 52; Marziano - 1:37; McFadden -58; Dolan - 64; Nelson - 36! The result: Cherokee scored 22 points, with the next closest team, Lenape, at 124.

In the Open race where both JV and Freshmen competed, there were even more outstanding times and many PR's! To mention a few: the Freshmen, led by Alex Yersak in 17:42, took 1st; 2nd (Schickling PR); 4th (Burke); 5th (Adams) and 6th (McCarroll PR)! The Sophomores took 1st (Cunningham) and Medvec (huge PR of 18:48!); and the Juniors, led by Will Andes, took 1st, 3rd (Applegate); and 4th (Mike Brown). Among the Seniors, two recovering athletes, James Maneval and Mike Candy took 1st and 2nd, while Steve Brown took 3rd. Full results at: BC Open Results

Leaders at 800m McFadden and Nelson at 800m Down first hill at 1500m Open field before 2nd hill Tom Yersak challenges leader at bottom of 2nd hill
Bredeck, Marziano and McLaughlin at 2nd hill McFadden and Dolan at 2nd hill Open Race start Open Race start Open Race start
Open Race start Lead pack at 800m Cunningham and Steve Brown Eells, Reid, and McAdam Leaders head for the 1st hill
Medvec and Schickling Burke at hill Steve Nelson at hill Tyler McAdam pondering life Marziano still trying to figure that hat thing

Bone Run: For most, Sunday is a rest day from racing but not for Coach Shaklee. On October 23, he and his wife, Cricket Batz Shaklee competed in the Bone Run, a 5K roadrace at Parvin State Park outside of Pittsgrove, NJ. The coach finished 4th in his age group (19th overall), while Cricket finished 1st in her age group (37th overall; 9th female)! Below are some pics: sorry, but the photographer blew Cricket's competiton pictures.

Scenic Parvin State Park Coach at about 800m On the course! About 400 meters from finish Just after the race

Haddonfield Invitational: On October 27th, for the 4th year in a row, the Cherokee team (minus those Varsity runners who will represent Cherokee at Sectionals) toed the line at the Haddonfield Invitational. and, although there were other teams involved, the real competition was among the Cherokee runners themselves.

Coaches Shaklee and Callinan divided the team equally into two sqauds, the first coached by Head Coach Steve Shaklee, the second coached by Ass't Coach Chris Callinan. The squads ran magnificently with practically every athlete running a PR, but, once again, Mr. Callinan had to accept defeat at the feet (pun intended) of Mr. Shaklee's squad! Alas, he is now 0 - 4 in the annual competition! In addition, the unofficial word is that Paul McFaddon, showing uncanny insight, won the annual bet among those who were not competing in the meet!

In the SJ competition, with 9 teams competing, Cherokee runners swept the top seven places, scoring a perfect 15 points in the meet. Mike Candy was 1st overall (16:34), and he was closely followed by Will Andes, Alex Yersak, Rich Nelson, Colin Cunningham, Steve Brown and Kevin Schickling! Results available at: Haddon Invite

About 200m into it Kevin Schickling at start Matt Applegate at start Andes about 2 M Rich Nelson and Alex Yersak about 2 M
Colin Cunningham about 2 M Steve Brown about 2 M Kevin Schickling about 2 M Medvec and Foley about 2 M Brenden Burke about 2 M
Kyle Adams about 2 M Liam Eells about 2 M Steve Nelson about 2 M Mike Candy near the finish Alec Mitchell near the finish
Steve McCarroll near the finish Matt Raychert and Brian Scott near the finish Tyler McAdam and Darius Reid near the finish Ian Mitchell near the finish Ian Mitchell near the finish

SJ Sectionals: The day, October 30th, began optimistically when the rain stopped after dropping more than a 1/2 inch overnight. But all was not well as Team Captain Sean McLaughlin was sidelined with a sprained ankle. Still, the Varsity squad felt confident as they prepared to to run the SJ Sectionals on the soggy course at Delsea High School.

They ran aggressively, with the top five scorers finishing well in a race that included over 130 runners -- Tom Yersak (3rd), Greg Bredeck (6th), Vin Marziano (12th), Matt Dolan (17th), Paul McFadden (18th), James Maneval (24th), and Mike Candy (32nd) -- but had to accept second (55) behind perennial nemesis, Toms River North (46). Complete results from all of the Sectional meets at: Scullion

At the start Tom Yersak in the woods Tom Yersak about 2M into it Greg Bredeck at about 2M Matt Dolan at about 2M
Greg Bredeck at abour 800m out Vin marziano at about 800m out Paul McFadden and Matt Dolan about 800m out James Maneval about 800m out Mike Candy about 800m out

-- Pat Montferrat of SportsShot sent the following pictures:

Coach Shaklee ponders the possibilities In a quiet moment, James tells Cal to ditch those running shorts Tom Yersak near the finish Greg Bredeck near the finish Vin Marziano near the finish Matt Dolan and Paul McFadden near the finish James Maneval near the finish Mike Candy near the finish

Olympic Conference Championships: On November 5th, Cherokee participated in the Olympic Conference Championships at Gloucester County College. While the top Varsity trained for the upcoming Group States Championships, the reminder took second place behind an scrappy Washington Township squad. Recovering from an injury this season, James Maneval took 9th, the top place for the Cherokee harriers, with Will Andes, Mike Candy, Alex Yersak, and Rich Nelson rounding out the scorers in the race. No pictures are available from this meet. Full results at: Ed Colona's Webpages

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Run: On November 7th, Coach Shaklee and his wife, Cricket Batz Shaklee, competed in the Benjamin Frankiln Bridge 10K Run in Camden, NJ. With over 750 competitors, the coach finished 3rd in his age group and 12th overall, clocking an impressive 35:42 in the race; while Cricket finished 2nd in her group and 39th overall, posting an equally impressive 40:02. [At the start, the first two lines were reserved for "Elite" runners and Coach Shaklee was surprised to find an unexpected competitor at his side: see first picture!] For full results on the 750+ competitors: L & M Sports

Tyler McAdam and Coach among the elite runners Coach by the river at 5.2 Miles Coach by the river at 5.2 Miles Coach by the river at 5.2 Miles Cricket by the river at 5.2 Miles

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