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Last year, an excellent group of Seniors led the team through the season, winning the Seeded Invitational Race at Great American, the SJ Shootout, the Burlington County Open, and the eighth straight American Division title for Cherokee. Then, despite a series of injuries and mishaps, they helped the team take second in Sectionals, third in Groups, and fifth in the State Meet of Champions. Now they have moved on, and a new generation of Cherokee runners has stepped up to continue the tradition of excellence.

Led by Seniors Vin Marziano, Greg Bredeck, Rich Nelson, and Will Andes, the new group accepted the challenge and worked diligently throughout the summer to meet its demands. Following the training regimen established by Coach Shaklee, they worked with the rest of the team to build the physical endurance and the fraternal bonds that they would need through the long Cross Country season.

RunningWorks Cross Country Camp

In late August, for the seventh year in a row, Cherokee's Cross Country team attended the extraordinary RunningWorks Cross Country Camp in Canadensis, Pennsylvania. There they participated in a week-long program of training with top coaches and athletes from the Northeastern United States, and learned from special guest speaker, Adidas star Tiffany McWilliams.

The following pictures are of Cherokee parents, coaches and athletes taken at camp. Some of the guys are not shown but you'll get to see them in the days that follow. Also, a wider selection of pictures from camp is available at RunningWorks Cross Country Camp Pictures, 2005.

Why are these parents so happy?! Why are these guys so happy?! Still happy! Another happy parent! Foleys rounding them up!
Go ahead . . . ask what Mike is doing! Andes claimed to be the camp 'babe magnet' Just hanging out Ryan doing pool exercises Coach Cal!
Vin Marziano striding Greg Bredeck striding with Grp A Mike and Kevin working on threshold Greg Bredeck on threshold Alex, Vin and Will on Strider Field
Coaches O'Sullivan and Shaklee stretching Greg Bredeck in the mist Mike and Kevin on a long run Greg again! Joe Foley brings his group in
Liam Eells at drills? Where are we going from here?

Endurance Testing

Top coaches throughout America regularly test their athletes to monitor their general endurance, identify lactate threshold levels, and shape the efficiency of their training. This is, however, rarely done on the high school level. But Cherokee boys have been tested for several years and the results are used to shape the training program.

Basically, the test consists of repeat 800s -- generally 6 at progressively increasing pace with litte rest -- until the athlete is exhausted. The target times in the 800s are based on the athlete's previous tests or race results. After each 800, an Exercise Physiologist gathers information: a blood sample, the athlete's heart rate, and the athlete's speed in the exercise. All of this while allowing less than a minute between 800s.

On August 30, 2005, the team met at Cherokee's track to be tested. Coach Shaklee took the test himself and then paced many of the runners through the first parts of their exercises to insure the test was done properly. The results were available within a week of the test and future workouts will be charted with those results in mind.

Here are some pictures from the early part of the session.

Coach Shaklee during his test Technician takes a blood sample Senior Rich Nelson during testing Sophomore Alex Yersak during testing Rich Nelson again
Senior Greg Bredeck during testing Seniors Greg Bredeck and Vin Marziano during testing Vin Marziano near the end of his test Vin Marziano pretending to stretch after his test! Soph Kevin Schickling and Junior Mike Medvec
Kevin Schickling during the test Mike Medvec during the test Mike Medvec close-up Junior Joe Foley during the test Joe Foley finishes his last 800 fast!

The Season Begins

Pennsauken Dual Meet

On September 13th, Cherokee ran its first dual meet of the season. Since relatively little is known about opposing teams in the beginning of the season, the first dual meets can be unnerving. But this time, Pennsauken failed to muster a complete team and, although they ran a small group, they were forced to forfeit before the race began. Even before the forfeit, however, Cherokee planned to train through the meet, running a "threshold" workout in groups unless something more demanding was required to win the meet.

The coaches named newcomer, Sophomore Ryan Lutz as the "Runner of the Meet" in recognition of his impressive first performance as a Cross Country athlete. GO RYAN!

The following pictures were taken during the event:

Leaders 200m into the race Second Cherokee pack at 200m Freshman Sean Hartnett Freshman Rob Roselli Medvec, Andes, and Nelson at mile
Applegate, Foley, Cunningham, and Schickling at mile Mike Brown and Freshman, Marc Saccomanno Newcomer, Soph Ryan Lutz at the mile Newcomer, Senior Ryan Elliott at mile Newcomer Soph Geoff Schellack
Freshman Marc Saccomanno and Liam Eells Freshman Graham Davis at the 3 mile mark

Cherokee Challenge

On Saturday, September 17th, Cherokee hosted The Tenth Annual Cross Country Cherokee Challenge on the high school campus. In a repeat of last year, the staff worried all week about an approaching tropical storm but it passed to the west and left only a hot and humid day!

Many on the team did well and, with the able assistance of the Girls Team, Cherokee won the Co-Ed Team Championship! In addition, Alex Yersak won the Sophomore race in a strong 10:22! Other class leaders included Senior Greg Bredeck's 4th place finish in his race (10:12); Junior Mike Medvec's 25th place in his race (10:56); and Freshman Marc Saccomanno's 12th place finish in his race (11:41)!

The coaches named Sophomore Alex Yersak as the "Runner of the Meet" for his outstanding win in the Sophomore race! GO ALEX!

Kevin Cranston of the Courier-Post reported on the results: Cherokee Coach Does Have Something to Build On

Complete results and hundreds of pictures from the meet are available on this website at: Cherokee Challenge

The following pictures show many of the Cherokee athletes in action:

Freshman Marc Saccomanno entering the woods Freshman Sean Hartnett entering the woods Freshman Bob Roselli at the back hill Freshman Graham Davis at the old silo Soph Alex Yersak entering the woods
Soph Kevin Schickling at the back hill Soph Steve McCarroll at the back hill Soph Ryan Lutz at the back hill Soph Liam Eells at the back hill Junior Joe Foley entering the woods
Junior Mike 'Cinderella' Medvec at the hill Close-up of those dancing feet Colin Cunningham, picture by Pat Montferrat of Senior Greg Bredeck at the back hill Seniors Vin Marziano and Will Andes at the back hill
Senior Rich Nelson at the back hill Senior Matt Applegate at the back hill Senior Ryan Elliott at the back hill

Eastern Regional High School and Senaca High School Double-Dual Meet

On September 17th, Cherokee competed against Eastern Regional High School and cross-district rival Senaca High School in its first "double-dual" meet of the season. Cherokee again used the meet as a "threshold" workout day and easily defeated both the Eastern Vikings and the Senaca Golden Eagles. Greg Bredeck, Alex Yersak, Rich Nelson, Will Andes and Kevin Schickling were the top scorers.

The coaches named Freshman Graham Davis as the "Runner of the Meet" to recognize the tremendous improvement he made in his race time at Gloucester County College. Graham dropped an incredible 3:19 off his previous time on the course! GO GRAHAM!

Pictures provided by team member Ryan Elliott.

Start Rich Nelson and Will Andes at the mile Steve McCarroll at the mile
Graham Davis at the mile Alex Yersak and Greg Bredeck at the finish Kevin Schickling at the finish

SJ Shootout

On September 24th, Cherokee competed in the 2nd Annual SJ Shootout at Gloucester County College and, for the second year, came home the victor. The scoring for this meet was unusual with three separate races for the varsity teams. The first race was for the 5th, 6th and 7th men on each team: for Cherokee, they were Kevin Schickling, Mike Medvec and Matt Applegate. The second race was for the 3rd and 4th runners: Will Andes and Rich Nelson. And the third race, the "stud race," was for the 1st and 2nd runners: Greg Bredeck and Alex Yersak. Team scoring was based on a combination of results from the three races. Team Captain, Vin Marziano, sat this one out while nursing a small injury.

Cherokee set the standard early in the "5th, 6th, and 7th man race:" Schickling (17:35) took 3rd and counted as the fifth man in the overall scoring. Medvec (18:00) took 4th, and Applegate (18:04) took 5th! The second race, with the 3rd and 4th men, went even better with Andes (16:55) and Nelson (16:58) taking 1st and 2nd, and keeping the overall score at an impressively low 6! The final "Stud" race, with the 1st and 2nd runners, was a great battle among most of the top runners in SJ, with Greg Bredeck taking 3rd (16:26) and Alex Yersak coming in 7th! Overall score: 16!

JV and Freshman Races were also contested with Steve McCarroll (2nd) as the top finisher among the Cherokee JV runners, and Rob Roselli (4th) finishing first among the Freshmen.

The coaches named Will Andes and Rich Nelson as "Runners of the Meet," pointing to their outstanding performances in the "3rd and 4th man race!" GO WILL! GO RICH!

Complete results (at least temporarily): South Jersey Track Coaches Association

Sean Hartnett just after the mile Rob Roselli at the finish Graham Davis at finish line JV start Ryan Elliott at the start
Joe Foley just past the mile Steve McCarroll just past the mile Ryan Lutz 200m out Liam Eells 200m out Geoff Schellack 200m out
Mike Medvec just after the mile Kevin Schickling just after the mile Matt Applegate just after the mile Rich Nelson just past the mile mark Rich Nelson and Will Andes 200m out
Greg Bredeck 200m out Alex Yersak 200m out Team awaiting final results Top 20 runners, includes Bredeck and Yersak Top three teams of the day

JCC 5K Road Race

On September 25th, while his athletes were training for their own races, Coach Shaklee illustrated his life-long commitment to the sport by competing in Cherry Hill's JCC 5K Road Race. The coach won the race in 16:57! Coach Callinan also ran in the race but he was pacing a friend and not actually competing.

400m into the race about 400m from the finish about 400m from the finish Coach Cal pacing a friend through the race

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