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The reins of leadership have passed once more as the team prepares for yet another season of Cross Country. The team captains, Seniors Ryan Bobb and Greg Malloy, have their work cut out for them as they draw on their experience to lead the team to victory! Key figures from last year's team -- Steve Burkholder, Matt McCarroll and Josh Perez are gone and Juniors Aiden Lynch, Bill Hornung, Ty Somers, and Matt Venanzi will be called upon to fill-in the gaps.

For a long time now, Cherokee Cross Country has set a standard that few others could attain: 15 consecutive appearances at the State Group Championships, and 12 consecutive appearances in the State Meet of Champions, with five State Championships during that time. Now, as then, it all comes down to how committed the team was through their summer training, how hard they worked then, and how hard they'll continue to work to add to that history!


RunningWorks Cross Country Camp

On August 16th, 2010, eleven of Cherokee's runners reported to the extraordinary RunningWorks Cross Country Camp in beautiful Canadensis, Pennsylvania and participated in a tough week of training and classes. Unlike last year, when campers suffered from record-high temperatures and humidity, regular rain showers, and a record number of bugs, this year they had the opposite: reasonable temperatures, no rain, and few bugs!

The following pictures are of Cherokee coaches, several former Cherokee athletes serving as counselors, and some of our present-day athletes at camp. Now, here's the problem. There are lots of pictures of Greg Malloy, Ryan Bobb, Aiden Lynch, Bill Hornung, Matt Venanzi, Ty Somers, and Freddy Rasmussen but where are the pictures of Matt Adams, Jeremy Morgan, Matt Decker, and Danny Mintzer?! Probably there are several in the 800+ pictures posted on the RunningWorks website. Take a look at RunningWorks Cross Country Camp Photos and if you find some, let us know at Webmaster and we will transfer them!

Check-in at camp Malloy in drills Lynch in drills Hornung in drills Bobb in drills Somers in drills
Coach Shaklee in drills Coach Cuneo on run Happy group returns to camp Coach Cal returns to camp Venanzi and two Cherokee wanna-be's Why would she join this group?
Volleyball team potential? Volleyball team potential? Malloy with his group Malloy - sans shades - with his group Coach Cal with Hornung, Lynch, Somers Lynch and Somers doing threshold
Lynch in woods Somers in woods Venanzi in woods Bobb, Lynch, and Somers on road run Venanzi on road run Freddy on road run
Coach Cal on Trivia Night Group on lake bridge Shaklees head for breakfast Freddy doing pool drills Coach Cuneo shows Olympic talent Coach Cuneo does pots!
Group on long road run Venanzi on road Coach Cal talks to camp Vin Marziano and Coach Cuneo on threshold Vin Marziano and Coach Cuneo on threshold Coach Pelerin teaches Injury Prevention
Ted Schickling on run Will Andes on run Malloy begins sneak attack Malloy attacks, Somers attacks in top right Malloy and Somers cannonball Coach Pelerin works it home
Bus Stop Group on long road run Last day chat at camp Only picture showing Alex Yersak at camp! Coach Pelerin participates in massage lesson

Cherokee Challenge

On September 11, 2010, seven members of the Cherokee Cross Country Team competed in the 15th annual Cherokee Challenge and all seven ran well. Aiden Lynch was the team's top finisher, placing 8th in a field of 269 runners in the Junior race with a 30 second improvement from last year. Also in the Junior race, Jeremy Morgan improved by 42 seconds over last year. In the Senior race, Ryan Bobb, medaled with his 35th place finish in a field of 259, running 23 seconds faster than 2009. Senior, Eric Birkhead, knocked 31 seconds off of his time from last year and Senior, Jason Brockman, running in his first cross country race, acquitted himself quite well! Sophomore, Matt Decker, knocked 53 seconds off of last year's performance to place 50th in a field of 249, while Freshman, Sankeerth Kondapalli, earned Runner of the Meet honors for the aggressive way he raced. Sankeerth has shown tremendous improvement in the short time he has been on the team! Additional details on the meet can be found at: Cherokee Challenge Main Page.

Thanks to Pat Montferrat of NJRunners for providing these pictures from the meet!

Sankeerth Kondapalli Matt Decker Aiden Lynch at beginning Aiden Lynch and Jeremy Morgan, look closely! See, Jeremy Morgan is there!
Aiden Lynch about 1000m from finish Aiden Lynch about 1000m from finish Erik Birkhead and Ryan Bobb half-hidden in the start Close-up blurred by their speed Ryan Bobb at about 800m into the race

Batch Meet # 1

On September 14, 2010, Cherokee traveled to Gloucester County College for the first of several Batch Meets. These meets replace the "Dual Meets," "Tri-Meets," and other combinations favored by the Olympic Conference for more than ten years. Although they have no impact on Conference titles, Cherokee will participate in three of them this year and use them as training opportunities.

The coaches held out several runners from Batch Meet # 1 and the team placed 3rd. Matt Venanzi led the way with his 2nd place finish. Ty Somers (9th), Billy Hornung (14th), Matt Decker (28th), Jason Brockman (30th), Jeremy Morgan (31st) and Matt Adams (39th) were the other scorers for Cherokee.

Jason Brockman was selected as the Runner of the Meet! Competing in his first 5K, Jason ran very aggressively through the middle of the race and held it together over the last half-mile even though he was hurting! GO JASON!

Matt Venanzi 300m from finish Ty Somers 300m from finish Bill Hornung 300m from finish Matt Decker 300m from finish Jason Brockman 300m from finish Jeremy Morgan 300m from finish
Matt Adams 300m from finish Sankeerth Kondapalli at 1 mile Vishnu Kadirisani and Freddy Rasmussen at 1 mile Freddy Rasmussen Sankeerth Kondapalli 300m from finish Vishnu Kadirisani 300m from finish

Batch Meet # 2

On September 21, 2010, Cherokee traveled to Gloucester County College for the second Batch Meet of the season. The coaches again used the meet as a threshold-training exercise for the Varsity, and as a racing opportunity for the JV. In the JV race, Matt Decker was selected the Runner of the Meet as he led the way for Cherokee, dropping 30 seconds on his PR and placing 11th in a field of 174 runners! Jeremy Morgan was Cherokee's next finisher in 22nd place with a season-best time, while Jason Brockman and Vishnu Kadirisani also set new PR's to help the team to a 6th place finish!

GCC Sign tells the story!
Matt Decker Jason Brockman Jeremy Morgan Jeremy Morgan Jason Brockman Matt Adams
Vishnu Kadirisani Freddy Rasmussen Matt Decker Matt Adams Vishnu Kadirisani Freddy Rasmussen
Greg Malloy AIden Lynch Ty Somers Ryan Bobb and Somers Lynch, Venanzi, Somers, Hornung Eric Brikhead and Billy Hornung

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