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The schedule in Late September - Early October is still relatively light with a weekend trip to Richmond, Virginia for the Maymont XC Invitational (September 25th), the final Batch Meet (September 28th), and the Burlington County Frosh-Soph Meet (September 30th). It toughens considerably as the team looks forward to its first big test, the Olympic Conference Division Championship (October 6th).

Maymont XC Invitational

On September 25, 2010, Cherokee bussed to Richmond, Virginia for the Maymont XC Invitational, with a side trip to Kings Dominion! It was a hot day in Richmond, humid and in the 90s, grass land so dry it reminded some of their days on the Great Plains of America "where the buffalo roamed . . . and the skies are not cloudy all day:"

Maymont Buffalo

Even so, the varsity team competed in the twenty-two team 5K Invitational race, finishing 8th overall. Senior Greg Malloy paced the team dropping 29 seconds off of last year's time and taking 10th place! Greg was followed by scorers Aiden Lynch, Ryan Bobb, Ty Somers,and Eric Birkhead, and then by Matt Venanzi, and Bill Hornung. In the JV Red race, Cherokee runners took 14th -- right behind Ichabod Crane High School of Valatie, NY -- out of 25 schools in the race. Jason Brockman led the scorers, followed by Matt Decker, Jeremy Morgan, Matt Adams and Mike Lowinger; and then Lou DiGeambeardino and Freddy Rasmussen.

Senior Eric Birkhead won Runner of the Meet honors because he stepped-up and became a scorer in this meet and, in the process, dropped 66 seconds from last year's time! GO ERIC! Further details at: Maymont XC.

A crack team of volunteers -- Brian Kwok and Danny Mintzer -- provided a few pictures of the event.

Matt Venanzi practices wearing goofy headband Helpful Coach Cal ties Frosh Kondapalli's shoes Sankeerth Kondapalli in race Coaches pre-race Last minute instructions Venanzi, the Headband Kid
Malloy clears blond head! Ryan Bobb in race JV racers warm-up JV racers pre-race Phillip-Robert Cerria with Matt Adams following Coach Cuneo with JV
Jeremy Morgan close-up Jason Brockman and Phillip-Robert Cerria Lou DiGeambeardino and Freddy Rasmussen Danny Mintzer The team protects Matt from bullies Billy Hornung aglow

Additional pictures from the event . . . not the masterpieces produced by Brian and Danny:

Greg Malloy early on Aiden Lynch early on Ryan Bobb early on Ty Somers early on Eric Birkhead early on Billy Hornung early on
Matt Venanzi early on Greg Malloy late in race Aiden Lynch late in race Ryan Bobb late in race Ty Somers late in race Billy Hornung late in race
Matt Venanzi late in race

Jeremy Morgan early in JV race Phillip-Robert Cerria early in JV race Vishnu Kadirisani early in JV race Lou DiGeambeardino early in JV race Jason Brockman at JV finish Matt Decker at JV finish
Jeremy Morgan at JV finish Matt Adams at JV finish Phillip-Robert Cerria at JV finish Vishnu Kadirisani at JV finish Lou DiGeambeardino at JV finish Freddy Rasmussen at JV finish

Olympic Conference, American Division Championship

On October 6, 2010, the team traveled once again to Gloucester County College, this time for the Olympic Conference, American Division Championship. This was a key step towards respectability this season but the Chiefs had to settle for a close second against their cross-district opponent, Lenape High School. Greg Malloy led the team while finishing in 3rd place. Aiden Lynch and Ryan Bobb also finished among the top 10, placing 5th and 8th respectively. Completing the scoring for Cherokee were Billy Hornung in 13th place and Matt Venanzi in 15th. Congratulations to Lenape on their victory!

Runner of the Meet honors go to Ryan Bobb for his medal-winning effort!

Start Leaders at 1 mile Ryan Bobb at 1 mile Birkhead and Somers at 1 mile Malloy entering 2nd woods Lynch entering 2nd woods
Bobb entering 2nd woods Venanzi entering 2nd woods Hornung entering 2nd woods Hornung and Venanzi entering 2nd woods Birkhead entering 2nd woods Cheap seats at road crossing
You talkin' to me?! Malloy out of woods on road Lynch out of woods on road Bobb out of woods on road Hornung out of woods on road Venanzi out of woods on road
Malloy at finish Lynch at finish Bobb at finish Hornung at finish Venanzi at finish Birkhead at finish
Only 3 in the top 10

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