Welcome to the picture page for The Fifteenth Annual Cross Country Cherokee Challenge from sunny Cherokee High School in Marlton, NJ on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Unlike last year when it rained for 24 hours before the meet, dropping anywhere from 3 to 4 inches before it let-up early on race day, it hasn't rained in South Jersey for a month! Some might find that annoying but, for Cross Country runners, that means hard and dry, and record-breaking times! The day was sunny and cool, and so were the guys and gals racing the course . . . really cool! NJRunners/Mile Split photographer Pat Montferrat was there to capture all the excitement and, besides providing the pictures below, his report is available at NJ Runner/Mile Split. He missed the Middle School runners this year but we hope he catches you next year when you "take the Challenge" at Cherokee High School!

Check out the pictures by clicking on the following links:

Freshman Girls and Boys Pictures

Sophomore Girls and Boys Pictures

Junior Girls and Boys Pictures

Senior Girls and Boys Pictures

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