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Pre-Season: Winter Preparation!

For Cherokee, "Winter Track" is a time to prep for the Spring season. Coaches focus on base and strength training for the distance athletes, and skills and conditioning for the sprinters, jumpers and throwers. Even so, the team participates in a number of meets for both experience and a change of pace.

State Group IV Relay Championships

On January 16, 2005, Cherokee athletes participated in the State Group IV Relay Championships at Princeton University, taking 4th in the Distance Medley and 3rd in the 4 X 800m Relay. Several athletes also competed in the Shot Put Relay. Complete results at: Scullion.

To review the pictures below, hover over the picture for a brief description; click on the picture to open a larger version.

Mike Candy takes it out! James Maneval in the 4 X 800m Mike Candy in the DM Mike Candy in the DM Matt Raychert does the 400 in the DM
James Maneval in the DM Tom Yersak anchors the DM! Tom Yersak in the DM Tom Yersak finishes just behind Old Bridge Sean McLaughlin in the 4 X 800m
Charlie Spenser at the Shot Steve Addezzio at the shot Steve Addezzio at the Shot Steve Addezzio at the Shot Charlie Spenser at the Shot

Haddonfield Winter Distance Carnival

And on February 9, 2005, Cherokee athletes participated in the Haddonfield Winter Distance Carnival, an invitational meet where the distance squads of six South Jersey schools competed in 800m, 1600m, and 3200m races. Despite their winter focus on base and strength training, many of the Cherokee guys ran impressive PR's and set standards for themselves as they move towards the Spring season!

Run in mid-February, this meet might have rivaled the outdoor "Polar Bear" meets of the 1970s when athletes regularly competed in sub-freezing weather. But, while snow still marked the perimeters of the track, the weather was ideal, with sunshine, temperatures in the high 50s, and no wind! It was, then, a great day to run! Here are a few pictures from the meet!

Start of the Varsity 800m Nelson and Raychert in Varsity 800m James Maneval finsihing the Varsity 800m Joe Foley takes out the JV 800m Tyler McAdam in JV 800m
Start of the Varsity 1600m McLaughlin and Mcfadden in varsity 1600m Start of the JV 1600m Cunningham flyin' in the JV 1600m Medvec in the JV 1600m
Steve McCarroll in the JV 1600m Matt Dolan and Vin Marziano in the Varsity 3200m Tom Yersak in the Varsity 3200m Alex Yersak in the Varsity 3200m Applegate and Schickling in the Varsity 3200

State Group IV Championships

On February 19, 2005, a few of Cherokee's athletes participated in the NJ State Group IV Championships at Princeton University. The highlight of the day was Matt Dolan's 3200m Run. On the relatively slow track in Jadwin Gym, Matt ran 9:49.74, dropping 6 seconds from his PR and moving from 18th to 15th on Cherokee's All-Time List in the 3200m! Matt, Tom Yersak and James Maneval qualified for the Meet of Champions next week! For complete results: Scullion.

It was relatively dark in Jadwin Gym and the pictures from the meet are poor. However, here are a few to illustrate some of the action.

Matt Raychert in the 400m Paul McFadden in the 1600m Mike Candy in the 1600m Rich Nelson in the 800m James Maneval in the 800m
Tom Yersak prepares for his race Matt Dolan in the 3200m Matt Dolan in the 3200m Tom Yersak in the thick of things Tom Yersak under the stars in the 3200m

State Indoor Meet of Champions

On February 27, 2005, only one of Cherokee's athletes participated in the NJ State Indoor Meet of Champions at Princeton University. James Maneval, seeded last in a field of 36, finished 16th in a season-best time! Tom Yersak was unable to run because of illness; and Matt Dolan chose to run at a different place and time. For complete MOC results: Scullion.

Again,the pictures from the meet are poor. However, here are a few of James in the 800m.

James Maneval in the 800m James Maneval in the 800m

Pre-Season: Scrimmages and Other Things!

Timber Creek/Haddon Heights Scrimmage

Scrimmages are great opportunities to, among other things, observe the new guys on the team, train under meet conditions, and evaluate the team's overall strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, on March 17, 2004, Cherokee hosted a scrimmage with squads from Timber Creek and Haddon Heights.

Most of the details are unavailable at this time but two events have amusing features. For one, imagine Sam Shapiro's surprise when he rounded the turn in the 200m and found a 55 gallon drum in his lane! That situation is captured in the last picture below.

And for light humor, Coach Shaklee keeps a record of all sub-60 second 400m times run by his strictly-distance runners, and Senior Matt Dolan, who has run a 9:49.73 in the 3200m, joined that illustrious group yesterday when he ran 59.37! Matt's excitement was tempered somewhat when Freshman Kevin Schickling also joined the list with a 59.0, but he still has a full season to go!

Here are some pictures focusing more on the new guys, the younger guys, and the weight guys in the scrimmage.

400m hurdles Sean Farrow, Steve Lang, Aaron DeCaires Justin Magulick . . . Kevin Chen Mike Rocco
Nick Iwanczuk 1600m Steve Nelson Pete Abraides Scott Schoneman in 400m
Mike Medvec Alex Yersak and Kevin Schickling Austin Elliott and Liam Eells Kevin Pignon Dan McCusker
Glenn Peace Tom Ajderian Charlie Spencer Kevin Chen and . . . Sam Shapiro

Bancroft 5K Run

For a change of pace, some of the underclassmen raced in the 24th Annual Bancroft 5K Run in Haddonfield. Cherokee entered the high school team competition and won; and Kevin Schickling -- shown below receiving his award from Olympic great, Bob Kennedy -- took 1st place in his age group! Coach Shaklee also ran the race, maintaining "bragging rights" for the old guys! Here are some pictures from the race. Complete results at: Bancroft Results

Vin Marziano on the way out Coach Shaklee on the way in Kevin and Alex on the way in Will Andes 400m from the finish Colin Cunningham nears the finish
Rich Nelson having fun! Mike Medvec nears the finish Steve McCarroll on the way in Maneval nears the finish Kevin and his pal, Bob . . .

St. Baldrick's Day Massacre!

Not related to Cherokee's racing program, but still team news, is Coach Shaklee's participation in the annual St. Baldrick's Day head-shaving event at Tir Na Nog in Philadelphia to raise money for the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. His efforts resulted in more than $2,000 going to the Foundation! (By the way, the woman doing the shaving is a local stylist who was the first to donate her hair to the cause!) For more information see: St. Baldrick's.

Before! Getting to work! Polishing! Final touches! After!

Frosh-Soph Meet

March 30th was an uneasy day for Cherokee! First, the morning Varsity scrimmage at Rancocas Valley was abruptly cancelled because their track was flooded. The coaches adjusted by running a practice at school. Then the bus for the afternoon Highland Frosh-Soph Meet didn't show. After an hour of scrambling, a second bus was located, but the team arrived late for the meet. More scrambling, adjusting of the entries, etc. Fortunately, the athletes "went with the flow" and the meet went well. Except, that is, for the photographer whose camera registered an "error 99" -- what is that?! -- halfway through the meet and died!

Some highlights included Alex Yersak's win in the 1600m (4.55.0); Matt Addezzio's second in the Vault (9'); Chris Steliga's second in the 400m (55.3), Dan McCusker's eight foot PR in the jav (116'); Colin Cunningham's fourth in the 800m (2:10.5); and Sam Shapiro's PR in the 200m (24.5).

Here are some pictures before the camera meltdown:

Shot Mike Rocco in LJ Matt Addezzio in the Vault Scott Stoneman in LJ Chris Steliga in the 400m
Chris Chen in HH HH Scott Stoneman and Kyle Magulick in HH Mike Schiafone in HH Aaron DeCaires in HH

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